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Social media marketing is standard practice for any organization that wants to successfully market to their audience and provide content that resonates.

New platforms and technologies are continuously transforming the ways in which consumers engage and interact with businesses and making it that much more important to stay current in best practices. The Social Media and Digital Marketing program is offered by the Grace Education. Social media has grown to be one of the primary communication channels on the internet. It has also become an essential component to many businesses in their digital marketing strategies.


Career Prospects


This Social Media & Digital Marketing course from Grace Education prepares students for careers in:Start an exciting career in Social Media & Digital Marketing, the future of industry and commerce in today’s society. Grace Education Digital Marketing certified have a wide range of skills to offer and we often receive feedback from our students that that they are more competitive for jobs with social media skills due to the nature of their specialized technical skills.

  • Information Technology
  • Website Management
  • Marketing and e-Marketing
  • Information and Communications Advisory Services
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service and Sales Supervisor
  • Commerce Strategist
  • A Range of Supervisory Positions in an Administrative / Office Environment

Start your own business and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss! As the owner of your own small business, you can work the hours you choose and guide your business toward success!

The opportunities are endless and the future is bright for skilled digital marketing professionals!


There are NO previous work or education requirements for entry into any course level. Students may enroll directly into the program without completing lower ranked qualifications.


Course Outline: What You Will Cover                         



·         Introduction to Social Media Marketing:

The Introduction to Social Media Marketing Module enables course participants to harness the power of digital marketing as a core driver of the marketing strategy for their organization.



·         Content Creation:

The Content Creation Module introduces you to the concept of engaging with, and acquiring customers using the creation and sharing of media content.



·         Content Outreach:

The Content Outreach Module introduces you to the concept of content seeding and how to use content effectively over multiple social platforms.



·         Facebook:

The Facebook module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how Facebook works as a platform for community building, content marketing and brand promotion.



·         Twitter:

This module equips you with the knowledge of how Twitter operates and the value it represents for businesses as a marketing and promotion platform.



·         LinkedIn:

The LinkedIn module gives you a comprehensive understanding of the benefits to using LinkedIn for marketing purposes.


·         YouTube:

The YouTube module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how YouTube works as a content sharing platform and how this can be introduced into a broader marketing strategy.



·         Future Trends:

This module examines the latest emerging trends in social media and new platforms on which you can share your content.



·         Strategy and Planning:

The Strategy and Planning module ties the Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing together.



·         Internet Marketing:

In internet marketing we will learn Display advertising, Email Marketing, Interactive Advertising, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), and Affiliate Marketing












                       Course Length:                      


                          Class Time:                          

Evening OR Morning

                           Class Day:                           

3 Days a Week

                       Class Duration:                      

1 Hour

                            Total Fee:                           

PKR 20,000/-

           50 % Discount on Lump Sum          

PKR 10,000/-







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