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Pakistan to Become One of the Pioneer Countries to Launch Chip-Enabled E-Passport

According to Sources, Pakistan is planning to be one of the primary states to offer chip-empowered electronic travel papers. With 50 million visa holders, Pakistan is among the world’s most populated nations, and it will be one of the principal nations to send an electronic identification with a chip coordinated into the information page of the e-identification.

As per Dr. Naeem Rauf, Director General of Immigration and Passport, who educated the Senate Central Committee on Interior meeting, which was going by Senator Mohsin Aziz on Thursday in Islamabad, these figures come from the Department of Immigration and Passport.

The Director-General of Immigration and Passport educated the panel that there are 180 identification offices in Pakistan and 292 visa workplaces worldwide at the hour of the gathering. It has been accounted for that 71 visa workplaces around the nation have carried out the single window framework.

There were 2,406,495 international IDs gave in the monetary year 2020-21, with 9,037 identifications being boycotted and put in class ‘B’ during that year. An assertion from the Director-General of I&P expressed that the organization produces income of Rs 24 billion consistently.

The gathering was educated that the nation by and by has 50 million identification holders, which is a critical number. What’s more, an e-identification and an e-counter office would be set up inside the following not many years. The information page of the e-visa would be furnished with a chip for capacity purposes.

During the preparation, congresspersons posed inquiries on the component for broadening visas, which was replied by the State Department. The individuals from the board communicated their disappointment with the timeframe it takes to broaden visas.

The individuals from the advisory group concurred that a timetable for the confirmation of visas ought to be set up. When gotten some information about a timetable, the Secretary of the Interior showed that one had been settled upon with the organizations being referred to.

At the finish of the instructions, the Chairman panel chose to furnish the Directorate with a “note of appreciation” in acknowledgment of their exceptional endeavors.