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77% of tech experts looking for new positions in 2021

In the dynamic landscape of 2021, the tech industry is witnessing a remarkable trend among Tech experts 2021. A staggering 77% of these professionals are actively seeking fresh career opportunities, driving a wave of change in the Job market insights 2021. At GraceSol, a Dubai-based company, we’re attuned to the pulse of this evolving market. Our services span a wide spectrum, from impactful Web design and development to staying ahead of the latest Digital marketing trends. As these experts navigate shifts in the Career change statistics, we stand as a reliable partner, offering comprehensive solutions that empower success in this ever-changing scenario.

According to the Michael Page Talent 2021 poll, in 2021, around 77 percent of technology workers will voluntarily quit their current positions and seek new ones.

According to the survey, a lack of promotion prospects, the possibility for a higher salary, and new abilities are some reasons these professionals might quit their jobs.

“technical professionals are in high demand right now; therefore, businesses should consider remote and hybrid working modes to diversify their application pool and attract the top talent” as per the survey. And typical pay in the area would climb 15 to 25 percent from current levels.

The survey further stated that the most important roles include cloud architects, full-stack developers, and heads of engineering.